An open access. easy plug-and-play fibre installation in Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs) for Network Operators, Alt Nets and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Saving time, money and resources, providers can quickly and easily connect into Complete Fibre infrastructure and offer full-fibre broadband to residents living in MDUs.

MDU specialists

Building into MDUs can be complex, slow and expensive. We focus on delivering a safe installation in line with industry compliance, including the Golden Thread (Building Safety Act, 2022), freeing-up telecoms providers to focus on providing broadband services.

With trusted relationships across the sector, we do the heavy lifting, from Wayleave agreements and ways of working, to designing, building and financing the end-to-end infrastructure ready for lease.

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Safety and quality

Safety is one of Complete Fibre’s founding principles. We are pleased to be a Registered Signatory of the Building a Safer Future Charter, an important first step towards achieving the culture and behavioural change required in relation to the Charter’s objectives around building safety. In confirming our support as a Registered Signatory, we work to ensure that we embed the principles of the Charter into all our activities.

Complete Fibre is also engaged in the BSF Champions assessment process, supporting our journey of continuous improvement by advancing our approach towards our leadership and culture in relation to building safety and reducing our risk profile.

We follow Golden Thread principles, hold UKAS fire accreditation and meet an exhaustive list of health and safety standards. Every installation we undertake is independently audited, comes with a 25 year warranty and features exceptional standards of aesthetic finish.

Geodata mapping

With geodata mapping tools and expertise, our team provides strategic insights that contribute to a stronger business case. We support Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in getting connected to our infrastructure. This includes identifying key buildings that either overlaps your existing infrastructure or supports your future rollout strategies.

By doing the heavy lifting and installing plug-and-play fibre infrastructure in MDUs, we free telecommunications companies to focus on serving previously hard to reach residential customers.

Complete Fibre infrastructure in the South of England
Complete Fibre infrastructure in the South of England
Installation of Complete Fibre can create up to 75% carbon saving for the average MDU, when compared to installing multiple networks.

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  • Commit to build & network delivery dates
  • Sign building lease agreement

Site Approval & Commitment


  • Survey Buildings
  • Secure route approval from landlord


  • Agree priority buildings
  • Provide network build go-live date(s)

We and You

  • Make agreements on a building by building basis.



  • Provide backhaul to the building


  • Confirm stage 1 delivery
  • Building Ready For Service (RFS)

We and you

  • Handover and commissioning
  • Ongoing marketing to residents at each stage

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