Full-fibre connectivity enables people to connect, talk, learn, meet and access services

Our children increasingly need to be online for school and homework to fully realise their potential. Similarly for adults, working from home relies on good quality and high-speed connection, alongside shopping, gaming and social interaction during leisure time. In addition to this, our public, health and community services are increasingly moving online to enable faster and more efficient access.

Complete Fibre

Working with Complete Fibre ensures safe and future-proofed buildings, and our approach and technology reduce carbon emissions and other environmental impacts. Our solution enables digital inclusion for more people, by giving residents living in Multi-Dwellings Units (MDUs) a choice of fibre broadband service providers at fair market prices.

With a single installation we enable multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to ‘plug and play’ and offer ultrafast broadband services to residents. This solution reduces the number of installations required, as well as the resources needed to support multiple installations (resource, vans and equipments). It also cuts carbon emissions and environmental impacts by up to 75%.

In addition, the technology can then be used to deploy smart building technology, enabling landlords to monitor building performance, ensure compliance, reduce cost and drive additional carbon savings.

Social Value

Complete Fibre work with HACT to understand our social value and measure the social impact we make. This is focussed around three key areas of Building Safety, Digital Inclusion, and Environment.

Social value is measured by assessing the benefits of our work, the services we provide, the programmes we deliver, and the positive impact for people and communities.