We enhance digital inclusion for residents of MDUs (Multi-Dwelling Units)

Complete Fibre exists to enhance digital inclusion, enabling more people to connect to full fibre services safely. We provide a single, open access ‘plug and play’ fibre infrastructure installation which multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can connect in to, and then offer their full-fibre broadband services direct to residents.

Specialising in Multi-Dwelling units or MDUs (most commonly blocks of flats), we partner with landlords to overcome the complexity and challenges of fibre infrastructure. We work with telecommunications companies, both network operators and ISPs, to enable access and connection to MDUs that meet the strategic goals of landlords, and the needs of residents.

Partnering with us keeps people and buildings safe, widens digital inclusion and reduces carbon emissions.

UKAS Product Certification

Safety – our core founding principle

Complete Fibre’s founders came together following publication of Dame Judith Hackett’s Building a Safer Future report, with the Building Safety Act 2022 providing a further beacon for our work improving telecoms safety and quality standards across the housing sector.

Our founders understand the increasing risks for building safety and the residents of those buildings, as multiple telecommunications companies (telcos) seek access to install their fibre networks into each building, so they can then offer broadband services to residents.

The race to lay fibre in the UK was in part triggered by the UK Government’s Project Gigabit, which set a target for at least 85% of UK premises to have access to gigabit broadband by 2027, the switch-off of the old copper technology by 2025, and increased investor interest in the UK market. However it is imperative that safety is not compromised as part of this race. This led to the idea of a single installation of open source fibre that could potentially be used by all providers, keeping residents and buildings safer: Complete Fibre’s solution delivers on this concept.

As a Registered Signatory of the Building a Safer Future Charter, we are working towards Champion status, and Complete Fibre is also registered with Bluesky Certification, a UKAS accredited 3rd party certification body, under their Firestopping Installation Scheme.

Quality & compliance

The market opportunity has increased provider requests to install equipment in residential buildings. At the same time, the Fire Safety Act 2021, Building Safety Act 2022, Telecommunications Infrastructure Act 2022 and Tenant Satisfaction Measures 2023 are also requiring landlords to review and improve systems, processes and skillsets to deliver better performance and customer experience, whilst reducing carbon emissions and costs.

Complete Fibre understands the health and safety, legal, and compliance implications for landlords. The single installation Complete Fibre delivers, installed to standards above industry norms, reduces risks for landlords, telcos and residents alike.

Working to detailed and demanding build principles, meeting and exceeding the highest engineering and CDM standards, and the discreet aesthetic finish we achieve reflects everything we do. Once built, Complete Fibre is independently audited to validate the compliance of the installation (particularly in relation to fire safety), and once fibre-ready, there has been minimal disruption for residents with no cost to landlords

With Complete Fibre installed, multiple telcos and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can ‘plug in’ and offer their services to residents, who have the option to choose the broadband package that best meets their needs.


Who we work with

We’re working with leading housing associations, and collaborating with the sector to promote culture change and to help improve building safety and digital infrastructure standards for all.

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