Our free single installation to get your residents connected safely and quickly to multiple internet service providers.

Complete Fibre is a single, fibre infrastructure installation for blocks of flats (also known as Multi Dwelling Units or MDUs). It enables full-fibre connectivity for multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to ‘plug-in’ and offer residents full-fibre connection.

Our solution is offered pro bono to landlords: it does not incur any cost for the landlord or resident, and as it involves a single installation for each MDU, it reduces the risk of compromising safety that comes with repeated network installations into a building.

Partnering with us, landlords can accelerate the delivery of fibre for MDUs, with a choice of providers and broadband packages for residents.

What makes us different

  • Residents get choice

  • Safety

  • Experts in MDUs

  • We do the heavy lifting (wayleave, access, telcos)

  • Less disruption

  • Reduced carbon

Compliance, safety and quality are key

Compliance is in our DNA and covers every aspect of the Complete Fibre product. Safety and quality are founding principles for all of our planning and installation services. More efficient at every stage, this process accelerates digital inclusion, reduces disruption and carbon emissions, and future-proofs buildings with the potential for smart building services and IoT devices.

Experts in MDUs

What is Full Fibre infrastructure?

Full Fibre infrastructure uses fibre optic cable technology in place of the old copper wires that are being switched-off across the UK. Fibre cabling is made up of a transparent glass material, that uses pulses of light to transfer information.

This technology enables residents to connect to the Full Fibre broadband services offered by ISPs. These services deliver much faster and more reliable online performance, so households can do more online and use more devices without it slowing down.

The Copper Switch off

Do you remember when analogue TV switched to digital? The same thing is happening with broadband. The copper wires that support most of the UK’s broadband network are becoming unreliable and struggling to cope with modern internet demands, such as streaming, gaming and downloading.

The UK Government has set a target for at least 85% of UK premises to have access to ultra-fast fibre broadband by 2025 ahead of the Copper Switch off, so having Full Fibre infrastructure will be essential.

  • Next generation technology
  • Fibre optic cables
  • Faster connections
  • More reliable service
  • Enable more devices
  • Better online experience
  • Digital inclusion

How we help you

Our single multifibre product means you’ll only ever need one installation, enabling multiple ISPs to plug-in and provide services to your residents.

Initial survey

Complete Fibre arranges an initial survey ahead of any formal commitment. No Wayleave is required for this as it’s non-intrusive, and we cover off Pre-Construction Information (PCI) for the building including the Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) and asbestos record. Your safety obligations are fully met from the get-go.

Design pack & approval

Upon completion of the survey and project documentation, landlords receive a design pack that includes the plan for installing fibre in the building. Once approved, we ensure a Wayleave is in place and organise the installation.


Our expert installation team ensures the work matches the approved design specification and route, and that any changes to the plan are safe, compliant, captured on the As Built documentation. Every installation follows a 5 stage Quality Assessment process, to ensure both optimum technical performance and high standards of aesthetic finish, minimising any visual impact of cable runs and equipment.

Post-installation audit

Every Complete fibre infrastructure installation we complete is comprehensively and independently audited for safety and quality, and is compliant with all the relevant legislative requirements.

Handover pack

Your comprehensive handover pack follows Golden Thread principles. This Digital Asset Record includes the design pack, as-built drawing(s) and detailed audit documentation to evidence every aspect of the installation and shows that it meets the highest standards.

Ready to connect

Upgraded and future-proofed with new digital infrastructure, your building is plug-and-play ready for any ISP. Your installation enables multiple ISPs to offer broadband connections to residents, ensuring they have a choice of providers, plus an additional fibre connection that opens up the world of smart building services and IoT devices to your team.

A map depicting postcodes in the South of England where there are fibre networks in the street but not in the property
Postcodes in the South of England where there are fibre networks in the street but not in the property

Geodata mapping

Whether it’s understanding housing density or digital access, our geodata service supports you.

As a landlord, we help you with understanding the locations of your stock, locating digital access within your blocks, and visually showing you the relationship between the two. As we support your Complete Fibre rollout, we overlay your building with fibre availability in their locations and analyse the the relationship between the two, so ISP networks can connect to your buildings- a step vital for supporting your strategies on conquering the digital divide.

We work with your organisation reference numbers, ensuring the way we display geodata works for you, and supports the widening of digital inclusion to all residents in MDUs.

Installation of Complete Fibre can create up to 75% carbon saving for the average MDU, when compared to installing multiple networks.

Why us?

We know the challenges housing associations and other landlords face. Working with us means being able to progress quickly and safely, enabling your buildings and residents with full-fibre technology. We also support you to reach your ESG goals.

Who we work with

We’re working with leading housing associations, and collaborating with the sector to promote culture change and to help improve building safety and digital infrastructure standards for all.

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Let’s connect

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We’ll setup an introductory call or meeting to discuss your needs and confirm how we can help.

Landlords FAQs

Complete Fibre are part of Complete Technology Group Holdings Ltd. We install full fibre infrastructure in multi-dwelling units (usually those over six floors), for housing association and private landlords, so that residents can access next generation speed internet and other digital services. Without this fibre optic digital infrastructure in place residents can’t receive an fibre broadband service.

Digital infrastructure is the cables and wiring that enable internet service providers (ISPs) to connect households to their services.

The old copper technology that was used across the UK is being replaced with ultrafast fibre optic cables, which enable households to access fibre broadband services from their ISP. These fibre optic cables enable much faster and more reliable internet speeds, making it ideal for families and friends to be working, learning and playing online at the same time. Householders will particularly notice the difference when video streaming, online gaming and downloading large amounts of data at home, at the same time as other users.

All copper cables that provide internet services will be switched off in 2025 as part of the UK Government’s Project Gigabit initiative.

For residents to be able to access internet from their homes when the ‘Copper Switch Off’ takes place, they must have access to full-fibre infrastructure.

The fibre optic network we install is the essential foundation for digital inclusion, enabling people to achieve their potential. It means that ISPs (internet service providers) can offer ultrafast fibre broadband packages to your residents, so that they can access all the opportunities it brings: for work, play, learning, health and more.

Fibre broadband delivers much faster and more reliable internet speeds, making it ideal for different household members to be working, learning, playing and organising their lives online, all at the same time.

Yes. As well as promoting digital inclusion amongst your residents, our installation reduces carbon emissions, futureproofs your buildings and opens the door to the use of smart building technology and improvements in building management and compliance procedures.

It doesn’t cost you or your residents anything to have our fibre network installed in your buildings .

If residents choose to take advantage of the new ultra-fast fibre broadband services offered by ISPs, they will need to pay for their selected package from the broadband provider, just as they do now with their current connection.

We’ll need access to communal areas of each building (we do not need to enter individual homes). Nothing will go ahead without your knowledge and permission, and we’ll organise the Wayleave agreement with you and agree the installation schedule.

When you contact us we will explain in detail how we work, and how we minimise impacts on you and your residents.

A Wayleave is simply a legal term for the permission you as the landlord or building owner gives us to access your premise(s).

We use an ‘industry standard’ Wayleave agreement that can be applied to every building you want us to access, so there’s only one application, which we can explain to you and is quick and easy to complete.

You don’t need to have signed a Wayleave in order to contact us and get our initial no obligation survey underway.

Safety is our priority. We are the only fibre optic infrastructure specialist signatory of the Building a Safer Future Charter, and are currently on the journey towards Building a Safer Future Champion status. Every installation is rigorously and independently audited on completion, to a level that we believe sets new standards in the sector.

When you contact us we will provide in-depth information on our approach to safety, the audit, and the inherent advantages of our single installation process. This enables multiple ISPs to plug-in and provide residents with full fibre broadband services.

During the early stages of the installation process described above, we’ll be working closely with you to finalise all the requirements and details. Once we understand all the considerations, we’ll agree the installation schedule with you before we start any works.

Once our work is finished, we will work with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that have fibre available in the street, and connect them to buildings. The ISPs can then provide their broadband service to residents.

Residents don’t have to sign up to fibre broadband services if they don’t want them.

Yes, if residents prefer not to upgrade to a faster fibre broadband package from an ISP, their existing broadband service will continue to work as normal.

Wireless performance is affected by many things: high buildings, the position of the router within a building, the thickness of walls and ceilings, and even the weather.

The most reliable, futureproof solution is to deliver broadband services down stable, fibre optic networks all the way into your home.