Route Design for Landlords

Complete Fibre provides Route Design and planning for digital infrastructure in Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs).

Installing fibre infrastructure in MDUs is complex and requires specialist knowledge and expertise to mitigate increased risk from multiple penetrations through the floors and to residents’ front doors.

We recommend the optimal location for the entry and passage of fibre within buildings, maintaining safety and ensuring high quality installation at all times. The journey from Design to Installation is meticulous, subject to strict administrative and quality assurance protocols to mitigate risk, meet stringent regulations and deliver above industry standard.

We’re committed to the principles of the Golden Thread. We collate, review and hold all documentation in a landlord file. Route Design plans and finished As-Built Designs form part of the final Digital Asset Record to ensure complete transparency and accountability.

Why Use Complete Fibre?

  • We are MDU specialists

  • We identify most suitable locations

  • We preserve building aesthetics

  • We follow strict Quality Assurance protocol

  • We adhere to Golden Thread Principles, always

  • We include the Route Design as part of the Digital Asset Record

We’d love to explain more

If you have any questions about what we’re doing, why and what it will mean for your home, then reach out today.